Separation is a critical operation in production and processing facilities. Issues are very costly.

Tap into Kranji Solutions’ expertise for reliable designs and verifications before equipment is manufactured.

For debottlenecking, the combination of experience and tools enables us to provide you with in-depth and independent analysis of your system.

Kranji Solutions is not an equipment vendor. Therefore our solutions are unbiased.


  • Separation
  • Heat transfer
  • Fluid flow dynamics
  • Erosion
  • Flow induced vibrations

Why Kranji?

  • Performance-based system approach
  • Cutting-edge tools and capabilities
  • Vendor independent
  • Used by major oil companies
  • Proven track record


  • FEED: Get the basic design right
  • Detailed Design: Make sure the design stays right (vendor design reviews)
  • Operations: Debottlenecking, troubleshooting, optimization

Our Clients

Total Solution Service

With our Total Solution Service, we also source the equipment, implement (project manage) the solution and provide the Process Guarantee.

We see the project through to final implementation, resulting in less load on your organisation and your peace of mind that the envisaged solution is not compromised during project execution.

We identify at least 3 internals vendors that are capable of supplying suitable equipment required in the solution.

The successful vendor is selected in discussion with our client.

We manage the project, including sub-contracting to the successful vendor, documentation, inspection, shipment.

We provide installation supervision to ensure the solution is physically properly installed.

Kranji Solutions Pte Ltd provides the process guarantee.


  • The Total Solution Service ensures that the solution from the study is actually properly implemented.
  • Only equipment capable of achieving the required performance identified in the study is considered.
  • Save time and costs on internal project management (going out for equipment bids, evaluation, procurement, logistics, etc).
  • The solution provider (Kranji Solutions) provides the Process Guarantee.