Be it scaled testing of a field separator for an oil company, product development for a services company or for our own in-house Research & Development, our test facilities are an important asset to our services and capabilities.


“We would like to thank you again for the great job you did so far regarding the experiments for our … separator. It was very interesting for us and we have been impressed by your very professional flow-loop installation.”

Our test facilities host the required equipment to perform scaled testing of scrubbers, separators and produced water equipment, to visualise and characterise the performance of your existing or new built equipment. Tests can be performed with a range of fluids with different properties (density, viscosity, surface tension). The following data can be obtained from tests:

  • Pressure drop measurements
  • Liquid in gas carryover measurements
  • Gas in liquid carryunder measurements
  • Water in oil measurements
  • Oil in water measurements
  • Droplet size measurements
  • Visual observations and insights
  • Prediction analysis for operating conditions

Physical testing can provide an important contribution to debottlenecking activities, both through visual observations and quantitative data. Physical testing in effect complements CFD and theoretical analysis to find and resolve the cause(s) of equipment mal-performance or verify the design of new built equipment.